ESB Quick Tip SOA

Quick tip: Bypass the version check at Oracle Service Bus project import

Using different versions of the Oracle Service Bus (OSB) runtime and the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) might result in annoying error saying that the version of the import artifact is not compatible to servers version. This could (but probably should not) quick fixed by changing the ExportInfo file inside the created jar archive. Look for the following line and change the value to your desired version:

<imp:properties xmlns:imp="http://www.bea.com/wli/config/importexport">
  <imp:property name="productversion" value=""/>

Afterwards it should be possible to import the artifact successfully.

Programming Languages XSLT

Pure XSL localization

Transforming XML data to a human readable presentation of content could be easily done using XSL stylesheet transformations. Even various task could be performed by a standard XSL processor without demanding additional programming language integration. The following example sets up a project structure, needed resource files and transformations to localise the output of an XML transformation by purely using XSLT and XPath.

Allgemein IMHO

IMHO: Lessons learned from WhatsApp

Building an open alternative to the propriety WhatsApp messenger would be a desirable option. And indeed there are lots of open (e.g. beem, yaxim,…) as well as non-free competitors but none of those could supersede it, although there were some reports about security problems and account hijacking. So what might be a key feature to bring the open alternatives to a broader audience?