DIY: Replace Google Reader by Tiny Tiny RSS

After Google announcing the end of service date for Google Reader the question arises where to move next. Once again back to Bloglines – that is the service which was said to be dead, but ironically it survived Google Reader or choose one of the numerous other alternatives (eq. Feedly or GoodNoows) which are worth to take a look at them. But you might running in the same trap again – they could be closed for whatever reasons. So I searched for an open source and shared-hosting friendly replacement and I will give Tiny Tiny RSS a try.

The setup procedure is quite easy, download the distribution, unpack it and follow the installation instructions. Afterwards you should be able to login to you Tiny Tiny RSS installation but there where some strange errors I got rid of by using the latest index.php file from the github repository and upgrading the php version to 5.4 .